1970’s – Live Long and Prosper

While most people think of aliens as the bad guys that are out to annihilate us Earthlings, there is a whole aspect about human/alien relations not only on planet Earth but in the far reaches of outer space.st-tos  In 1966, Gene Roddenberry’s idea of space exploration and relations between humans on Earth and aliens from other planets came to life on the television in the form of the show Star Trek. emblem01 As hokey and cheesy the production, the concept was excellent:  humans and aliens working together to “explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations,” as William Shatner (Captain Kirk) narrates in the beginning of the show, in the name of peace.  Although the TV series ended in 1969, Star Trek came to us in its first major motion picture in 1979 with the original cast reprising their original roles and subsequently, gave us 3 more movies with the original cast.  The fourth movie was in 1986.

The United Federation of Planets consists of representatives from not only Earth but all known allies of Earth.  Captain Kirk and the crewenterprise-tos on the Enterprise, all humans from Earth with the exception of Mr. Spock who was half human and half Vulcan, tripped around space, encountering mostly bad aliens that wanted to destroy them.  However there were several that seemed bad at first but had good intentions…like they were studying how humans handle situations.  The movies were longer than the hour episode so they concentrated more on a specific issue, which led into the story for the next movie.

So we have humans on Earth, working and living side by side with aliens.  They fought the Klingons and Romulans, their biggest enemies.  There were times when two different non-human aliens could not get along.  An excellent example is from the TV series in the episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.”  tribblesThe tribbles are balls of fur that purr.  And they eat and multiple like nothing ever seen before.  These creatures are all over the Enterprise as well as the ship they were called to tend to.  Klingons were also on the ship for a recreational period.  Of course the humans and Klingons get into a bar fight, but we find out that tribbles screech wildly when they are in the presence of a Klingon.

The Star Trek empire spawned four spin-off television series and kept up with the movies as well, combining the original and new characters very well.  They are creating prequel movies now, as well, showing us the “young” crew of the Enterprise.  We see that there are many more species of aliens in the Federation and as the crew on the Enterprise.  Even Klingons have been accepted into Starfleet Academy. Star-Trek All of the TV episodes and movies showed us that humans are the dominant characters but interact with aliens every waking moment to promote peace.  The Prime Directive of the Federation and its members is that “no starship shall interfere with the normal development of any alien life or society.”

Think about what it would be like if we, as humans, worked with real life aliens every day…coexisted with them.  The Prime Directive is really a great thought for us as we go about our lives with other people.  Would you want to be destroyed just because of who you were? I didn’t think so.  Star Trek teaches us lessons we can use in our everyday life, even without aliens.  As Spock would say, “Live long and prosper.”spock

By:  April Albrecht

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