Aliens as the Antagonist


(Image of an alien from War of the Worlds from 1968)

Up until recently aliens were the antagonist in almost every film they were in. They wanted to take over the Earth to take it for their own, gathering materials on the Earth and silencing anyone who gets in their way, or both even. As a primary antagonist you don’t see them much at all or you see them a lot. In “War of the Worlds” you only see the ships they ride in and you don’t know what they look like until the halfway point and you only see them once. I have the clip where you see them and this is even one of the earlier designs. Also in war of the worlds they were taking over the Earth in order to take the water due to the fact that Mars had all of their water froze and was unusable. The Aliens seem to want something and that is all they want. They have no real development and only seem to be a threat to the immediate area and then expand out after gaining momentum. Always the aliens land in a country area and everyone wants to use it to use it as an attraction.  The aliens get out we have people confused by what happened and either go and kill who is nearby or infect them to produce offspring to handle the environment. This could kill the host and most of the time they would not know what happened until it is too late. If aliens wanted to take over Earth, then they either kill off all humans or take them as slaves of some sort. In war of the worlds they just wanted to outright kill all of them no matter whom it is just a sweep through and take over what is left for their own. However, if they want to concur they imprison any humans they find and then have then do whatever they want to do. “1953’s It Came From Outer Space introduced an initially sinister breed of alien, who kidnap the inhabitants of a small Arizona town and replace them with emotionless duplicates, a sci-fi trope that would appear repeatedly in 50s sci-fi cinema.” (Den of Geek)

Chance Legaspi

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