Aliens throughout History (Up to the 60s)

A trip to the moon of the moonOn June 24, 1947, the civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects, glowing bright blue-white, flying in a “V” formation over Washington State’s Mount Rainier. He estimated their flight speed at 1700 mph and compared their motion to “a saucer if you skip it across water,” which became the origin of the soon-to-be popular term “flying saucer.”( UFO Hunters) Ailens in history have always been a topic that has been our minds for a long time. This could be from thinking there is other life out there somewhere or even nearby on other planets in our solar system. Early designs of aliens differ from what we think of today. Aliens were not blue back in the day they tend to be a brown, black, or green color to them. They have almost always had some kind of humanoid like features to them like standing on two legs or having a head similar to what we have. Even with similarities to humans they tend to have more complex genetics then humans and possibly are stronger than us. Another planet that could support life is not even that far off either. There are many planets in the universe so another planet with a similar makeup would not be that improbable. There are also other kinds like insects, felines, blobs, even close to primal forms. These do influence what goes into films it comes to the writers and directors to figure what they want to put for the film. This can help what we may see out there we don’t know so all we have is what we guess. They could even be hostile or friendly as well that depends on what they think of us and how they could react to see us as the aliens.
Chance Legaspi
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