What in the Name of Science is THAT? And Why is it so Angry?

There is another style of alien filmmaking that is quite popular in the new millennium. In this style of plot, aliens are smarter and cooler than humans. They know this and want to destroy us for our planet’s resources or just because we are a useless, insignificant, or evil race that needs to be squashed. This is not a new idea—older films like War of the Worlds and many others use the same basic plot skeleton. The difference now is the style of aliens that are featured in these types of films.

With modern CGI, filmmakers are able to create super-fantastic creatures and alien technology. Helpless humans look on as extravagant enemy battleships evaporate buildings and giant alien juggernauts bulldoze through cities. Because of modern technology, directors and producers are able to breathe ultimate life their creations through their art, concept, and graphics teams. The scale of the invaders in modern alien take-over films is lavishly immense.


(Above: the rise of an alien spacecraft in Battleship)

Battle Los Angeles features battleships that are as big as small cities and explosions that rival nuclear meltdowns. In Pacific Rim, soon to be released in theaters, the alien life forms are ridiculously gigantic and crazy looking. In beautiful detail, Del Toro invents a frightening breed of monstrosities that tear down bridges without breaking a sweat (if they can, indeed, sweat) and look freaking sweet doing it.


(Above: the attack of an alien in Pacific Rim)

Older series like Alien and Predator are given a fresh CGI face in the 2000’s with Prometheus and the AVP films.


(Above: an alien control room in Prometheus)

Also seen with the rise in CGI capability are new takes on alien appearance and biology. In films like Battleship, The Darkest Hour, Pacific Rim, John Carter, Feast, and Slither, aliens are revamped into beasts that have never been seen in film before.


(Above: an alien from The Darkest Hour)

Gone is the bulbous-headed, bug-eyed green man and forgotten is the bug-like hive creature. Even the reflective hides of the aliens in Signs prove to be an interesting development in the lore of possible alien biology. Due to creative minds who want to break molds and the technology at their fingertips, aliens have been given fresh faces that widen the concepts and capabilities of our views on extraterrestrial life.


(Above: an unarmored alien from Battleship)

Things to watch:

Battle Los Angeles trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHKYA07KBuQ

Beautiful CGI from Prometheus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=235OW2_CCwY

NOTE: All pictures found via Google’s image search engine


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